For Better Child Protection. Reg. Assn

Paremman Lastenuojelun Puolesta Ry (For Better Child Protection Reg. Assn.) - Facebook-group was created in summer 2017, because it turned out, that too many children were taken into custody without justification. Families didn't get any kind of appropriate service from social or health care services and when they requested it their children were urgently removed from their family by child protection authorities. That was the only help that the Finnish municipality could provide. The goal of the association is to make a change concerning the child welfare measures and prevent the forcible removal of children from their family, described hereafter: -Get the disproportionate involvement of the malicious and intentional false reports to the child protection authorities under control. -Demand exact and transparent criteria when the child is placed into compulsory sate custody. -Supervise the realization of compliance with the Child Welfare Act in the field work. -Highlight the equality under the law, in other words, demand the same practice of law with other citizens. The means we have used are a ballot initiative to the parliament and influencing different groups.

The Facebook - group was growing, and requests for help started to appear more than dozens per week. We decided to establish an association; Paremman Lastenuojelun Puolesta Ry (For Better Child Protection Reg. Assn.), which supervises the realization of the status and rights of a child protection clients, prevents children from being taken to unfounded foster care by supporting the families providing them support persons to various meetings. Child protection clients need for a support person is significant. Our association was registered in 20.12.2016 and our plan is also to start working with young people to prevent the social exclusion. Negotiations for creating a youth centre in Turku area are still pending. Association has a phone support, which is open on weekdays at 16 - 20, and on weekend at 12 - 16.